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Business Loans

Finding a loan for business purchases can be tiresome and difficult. It is always a plus to have an established banking relationship or alternative financing source. But that is not always the case and many times your local bank does not specialize in the types of loans (SBA) most suitable for small business lending. TNbb can offer several SBA certified banks and alternate lending sources that will work in your behalf in securing your business loan. Even than the required documentation and paperwork can be overwhelming. TNbb will advise and assist you is assuring the proper information is provided to the lender for a speedy process.
We currently have over a dozen lenders that can be matched with your business type and provide lending in most situations. TNbb will provide to the lender all necessary information pertaining to the business. (Your financial status including credit, down payment, experience in like business, and personal financial statement will factor into the loan process.)


Upon the request of the seller to engage TNbb to list their business we will conduct an evaluation of the business to provide a fair market value for the seller. The seller will need to provide the past three years of tax returns, plus profit and loss statements for the ongoing year a list of all assets to be included in the sale including furniture fixtures and equipment, inventory and all other tangible and intangible assets. Should seller and TNbb agree on the market value a listing agreement will follow. At no time will there be a charge for this service.
TNbb will provide business owners, banks, consultants, attorneys and their respective clients with non-certified business valuation services at a fair market fee. (We can offer third party evaluation information for certified valuations that will be permissible in the court of law.)
Every business is unique. We believe research is the foundation of valuing a business. Therefore, we use the most up to date databases of economic and comparable transactions available.

For Business Loan, Business Valuation and Third Party Evaluation information, please visit our CONTACT PAGE and complete the no obligation profile or contact us by phone or email.